The Running of the Bulls 2019

Come for the adventure... run with the bulls

Sanfermín 2019

Eight days of the encierro

Sanfermín Tours looks forward to you joining us in Pamplona next July for the Fiesta de San Fermín and the encierro, the world famous "Running of the Bulls", eight days of the encierro, as it unfolds each morning along the narrow streets of Pamplona's historic quarter, the casco antiguo. The fiesta begins at noon on July 6 with the firing of the rockets, El chupinazo in the town hall square, and ends at midnight on July 14 with the "pobre de mí,"  the solemn candlelight ceremony, which marks the beginning of the countdown to the next Sanfermines.

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Check another one off your bucket list. Join us for the running of the bulls in 2019.

Running of the Bulls

Our more than 40 years of experience offers you a unique opportunity, and for some a chance of a lifetime, to experience the excitement and the spectacle of one of Spain's most popular festivals. Join us on a private balcony overlooking the town hall square for the "chupinazo", the festival's opening ceremony at noon on July 6. Watch the encierro, the running of the bulls, from the comfort of a balcony along Calle Mercaderes or the long stretch of Estafeta, where the bulls run at 8:00 each morning from July 7 to the 14.

After the encierro you'll enjoy a special breakfast (it's bulls before breakfast), before heading out to follow Pamplona's famous Giants, Kilikis, Cabezudos and Zaldikos as they dance their way through the streets of the historic quarter to the delight of hundreds of children who follow them every day during fiesta.

Enjoy the traditional Basque sports and dancers, the free concerts held nightly in the Plaza del Castillo and at other locations around the city, and the fireworks that fill the night sky from the cities historic fortress.

The bullfights held each evening in the
Plaza de Toros de Pamplona, Spain's second largest bullring, are unique to the fiesta because of the Peñas, the 16 local clubs that support the fiesta year around.

And with more than 300 hundred bars and restaurants to choose from, you can experience some of
the best of Spanish gastronomy.

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